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It’s really hard at times trying to keep a home clean under any circumstances, but when cancer hits, the burden can be overwhelming.

That’s when Mess To Freshh Cleaning Service steps in to provide free house cleaning to women, men and families of children, battling any type of cancer. Due to high demand, patients are eligible to receive just one round of services through our program. Please note that we, Mess To Freshh Cleaning Service, volunteers our services and are not compensated in any way.

After your confirmation call, a patient receives a total of two free house cleanings, that is one general cleaning a month for up to two months. Please note that this is not a guaranteed service. We may not have a cleaning company in a patient’s area or if we do, the company may be at capacity with the number of patients that they are already helping.

If there’s an opening when applying, the patient will be asked to have their doctor fax in a note stating that she is undergoing cancer treatment. Upon receipt of that note, the patient will be contacted by our office to schedule the two house cleanings.

If we do not have availability at the time of application, we may still contact a patient about an opening at a later date. As we grow our team, more doors will open up as well.

After your final cleaning you will be offered a discount cleaning contract according to your budget with starting rates as low as $25.00 per cleaning.  This service is more than a job to us, it's a ministry!